Want to partner with us for our staff Chrissy voucher?

Published: 29 Nov 2023

We like to shop local and we encourage our staff to do the same.

NVC Group Hotel Services Manager Beth Laverty said this Christmas, her organisation would like to partner with local shops and businesses to channel the company’s staff Christmas gift funding.

“Last Christmas, our staff spent more than $17,000 in Christmas vouchers in local stores, hotels, clubs, and cafes,” she said.

“This year, we would like to open up the opportunity to every local business and I am inviting businesses to express their interest in participating by 7 December 2023.

“So if this sounds like something you would be interested in, please get in touch with me today.”

Local businesses wishing to participate need to be willing to accept NVC Group’s $50 voucher in one transaction, in lieu of cash, and then later scan the vouchers and invoice NVC Group for the total amount.

Staff are given until 29 February 2024 to use their voucher and an invoice for final payment needs to be submitted to NVC Group by 31 March 2024.

Last year NVC Group staff spent more than $17,000 in Christmas vouchers at local shops and businesses in the Nambucca and Macley Valleys and Coffs Harbour.

If you have a local shop or business and would like to participate in the staff Christmas voucher scheme, please contact Ms Laverty on admin@nvcl.org.au or call (02) 6598 5000.



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