NVC Group Seniors’ Living Sdn. Bhd. Overview

NVC Group Seniors Living Sdn. Bhd. specialises in the operation and management of aged care ventures throughout Australia and overseas.

The organisation undertake operational management of residential aged care homes, lifestyle villages (for seniors) and community care and support services.

Discover more about our operational management for retirement living + aged care. NVC Group Seniors Living places a strong emphasis on training and education, business development and good management systems.

Discover how we manage our facilities. NVC Group Seniors Living places a strong focus on quality assurance and HR management. You can also view our code of practice.

NVC Group Malaysia represents superior quality service for seniors, helping them to realise their lifestyle aspirations in retirement.

The systems and processes developed by NVC Group Seniors Living Sdn. Bhd. have been used extensively in its Australian facilities and have proven to facilitate sustainable organisational growth and business profitability.

By ensuring continuing growth and quality, NVC Group Seniors Living Sdn. Bhd. has instilled a strong company culture and loyalty amongst long-serving employees. This has been based on constant learning and has helped to improve the wellbeing of both clients and staff alike.

NVC Group Seniors Living Sdn. Bhd. is a strong advocate for human rights and strives to ensure the process of accessing care and support services are equitable and respectful.

Our aim is to help seniors realise their own lifestyle aspirations by removing barriers to care and support and placing the individual at the forefront of service planning and decision making.

NVC Group Seniors Living