NVC Group Seniors Living: Operations

NVC Group Seniors Living focus on a high standard of management to ensure that we deliver only the best service to our residents and stakeholders.

Discover more below about our approach to management.

Quality Assurance

Through this process, NVC Group Seniors Living has attained and retains full compliance for its residential aged care homes through the Australian Aged Care Quality Agency. The Aged Care Act in Australia provides for an accreditation-based quality assurance system that is audited by the ACQA regularly.

The ACQA requires that all care be evidence-based and delivered by skilled medical professionals, allied health personnel and health workers such as direct care personnel. It should be delivered in a safe environment and delivered in such a way that respects the dignity of the person in receipt of care.

Approaches to management systems holistically cover Workplace Health and Safety (WHS), environmental and quality assurance management with all systems and information available to employees via information technology systems (Intranet).

Code of Practice

In line with the Aged Care Act, NVC Group Seniors Living are committed to providing service that:

  • Promote a high quality of care and accommodation and protect the health and wellbeing of residents
  • Help residents enjoy the same rights as all other people
  • Ensure that care is accessible and affordable for all residents
  • Plan effectively for the delivery of aged care services and ensure that aged care services and funding are targeted towards people and areas with the greatest needs
  • Encourage services that are diverse, flexible and responsive to individual ideas
  • Provide respite for families, and
  • Promote ‘ageing in place’ through the linking of care and support services

Human Resources Management

NVC Group Seniors Living is experienced with managing people at company level for the dual purpose of:

Creating value for the organisation.

Positive work experiences for individuals.