NVC Group Seniors Living: Management

Operational Management

NVC Group Seniors Living focusses strongly on the operating climate, including policy, staging and the financing of leisure activities, care and support. This is achieved through:

Operating systems (per commissioning new initiatives) designed to maximise customer lifestyle experiences whilst ensuring business profitability and legislative compliance.


Workplace health and safety management. Adopting, supporting and monitoring our proven and systematic safety systems.

The ability to establish residential care and retirement living accommodation standards that provide a tailored and individualised customer experience.

The socio-psychological environment, which refers to the norms, values, activities, philosophy, attitudes and beliefs of caregivers and the personal interaction of all who are part of the facility.

The personal and suprapersonal environment. The personal environment being people who constitute major one-to-one social relationships of an individual (family, friends etc.); and the suprapersonal environment which is the model of characteristics of all people in physical proximity to an individual (e.g. similar culture, age etc.)

Workforce planning and development.

Retirement Living and Residential Aged Care

NVC Seniors Living is experienced in planning and developing lifestyle living facilities.


NVC Group Seniors Living can undertake studies to identify the ideal location for establishment of a new retirement living and/or residential aged care homes. This includes geo-demographic factors.

Positive work experiences for individuals

In combination with key stakeholders, including architects, sub-consultants, owners and directors, NVC Group Seniors Living is experienced in the planning and development of infrastructure related to:

  • The physical characteristics of retirement village and residential aged care, including architecture, design, colour, lighting and space
  • The licensing and certification requirements of villages and residential aged care

Training and Education

NVC Group Seniors Living understands that your staff are your best asset. That’s why we prioritise ongoing staff training and professional development in the workplace. It’s a great way to further the development of your staff and to keep them stimulated within their roles while working toward their career goals.

Click on each section below to discover some of the workplace practices and training that NVC Group staff are regularly involved in.

Leadership, Management and Supervision

  • Recruitment – getting the right person for the job
  • Customer service – creating an exceptional customer experience
  • Effective leadership – creating the right workplace culture
  • Understanding the impact of employment legislation on front line supervision in aged care
  • Transforming mates to managers – making the transition from worker to supervisor
  • Work, health & safety – practical strategies establishing a safe workplace
  • Performance appraisal – making the process add value to employee performance
  • Effective communications – having difficult discussions and getting the best outcome for the business and the employee
  • Retaining your best employees – practical skills in employee engagement

Clinical and Accredited Training

  • Certificate III in Aged Care (accredited)
  • Certificate IV in Aged Care (accredited)
  • Senior First Aid (accredited)
  • Graduate Year Registered Nursing Program (NSW Local Health District partnership)
  • Manual Handling
  • Elder Abuse
  • Infection Control
  • Language, Literacy & Numeracy (taught by an LLN qualified manager)
  • Conflict Resolution in the Workplace
  • Medication Management
  • Dealing with Challenging Behaviours
  • Diabetes Management
  • Wound Management
  • Continence Care and Management
  • Palliative Care
  • Coaching and Mentoring Clinic – leadership development for emerging leaders and middle management

Business Development

NVC Group Seniors Living can assist your aged care venture in a variety of ways and at all stages of development.

In partnership with your developer or operator we:

  • Can set up the organisation, recruit and train your staff
  • Can provide all operating systems and procedures
  • Have proven systems, developed by us, in operation in Australia to facilitate sustainable organisational growth and business profitability
  • Can reposition an entity with a particular emphasis on: organisation structure; operational systems’ workforce planning; and workforce development
  • Have access to a variety of residential aged care homes plus state-of-the-art training facilities where we can provide hands on training and development, both skills-based and nationally accredited
  • Are able to deliver training in Malaysia

Management Systems

By identifying and rectifying any potentially unsafe work condition and/or practises and promoting a safe working environment, we can achieve our aims.

NVC Group Seniors Living is fully committed to:

  • Ensuring a safe workplace for its employees
  • Continually striving to improve safety performance, and
  • Instilling a cultural mindset in the company to achieve a zero-harm work environment

Our team recognise that in order to achieve outstanding safety performance and good practice, we need to adopt and support proven and systematic safety systems, committed management and a proactive workforce.

NVC Group Seniors Living have implemented a comprehensive workplace health and safety system across lifestyle villages and residential aged care that is fully compliant with legislation.