Cedar Place residents helping the Kempsey Men’s Shed deliver toys to those in need

Published: 18 Mar 2024

Residents from Cedar Place residents are involved in a wonderful program that helps bring toys to children in need.

The program is coordinated by Dave Smith. Dave has been producing toys, since 2015, at the Kempsey Men’s Shed. He brings wooden toys to the residents to paint at Cedar Place once a month.

“It’s really wonderful how much joy the residents at the aged care facilities get painting the toys. They enjoy the work and helping make a toy for a child who mightn’t know where their next meal is coming from,” said Dave.

Once painted, these toys are then given to the Anglican Church. The Anglican Church then include them in much needed food care packages for families in the South Pacific Islands and East Africa.

The Kempsey Men’s Shed’s program was greatly impacted with COVID-19. However, they’ve started making the toys again, and have almost all the aged care facilities in Kempsey, and one key employment service, are now participating.

Cedar Place joined the program six months ago and residents have really enjoyed it.

Joanne Roswell, Cedar Place Recreational Activities Officer said, ‘Our residents love painting the wooden planes and helicopters and get much pleasure and satisfaction knowing that they are contributing to such a great program.’

With the help of aged care facilities and the key employment’s assistance, the Kempsey Men’s Shed have made thousands of toys which have been delivered to children in need in different parts of the world.

For more information on our aged care facility, Cedar Place, please give NVC Group a call on 02 6598 5000, or explore more on this webpage.

Cedar Place residents helping the Kempsey Men's Shed

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