Annual Reports 2022

Excerpt from the Chairman’s report

This year has again been challenging for everyone. We would like to thank our wonderful staff who have continued to focus on care and service despite many of them being personally impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic and new variances…

During the year our residents and their families have had to endure unprecedented times. There have been occasions when difficult decisions have had to be made to comply with Department of Health regulations. NVC expresses our appreciation to the families for their tolerance and acknowledge the on-going important role they play in their loved-one’s lives and in their decision making to support their family member…

On behalf of the Board, I acknowledge the hard work by all the teams throughout the year…Thank you to all those that work hard providing care, whether it be in the villages or in people’s homes, to the hospitality staff, the cleaners and outdoor staff. It is such a joy to visit our homes and villages and see the grounds wellgroomed and welcoming.

– NVC Group Chairman Janine Reed

Annual Reports 2022 – financial statements

The General Purpose Financial Reports (GPFR) for both NVC Group Limited and Cedar Place Aged Care Facility Limited show the companies performed acceptably well in a very challenging year.

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